1. kookie667:

    Let’s play a game called “I’m totally joking, but would do that in a heartbeat if you were into it”

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  2. because why not (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    • Zero - Who was your last text from?
    • One - What/who is your icon?
    • Two- Your relationship status?
    • Three - Have you ever lost a close friend?
    • Four - What is your current mood?
    • Five - What’s your brother(s)/sister(s)names?
    • Six - Where do you wish you were right now?
    • Seven - Have a crazy side?
    • Eight - Ever had a near death experience?
    • Nine- Something you do a lot?
    • Ten - Angry at anyone?
    • Eleven - What’s stopping you from going for the person you like ?
    • Twelve - When was the last time you cried?
    • Thirteen- What are you really good at ?
    • Fourteen - What do you think about when you are falling asleep?
    • Fifteen- What were you doing yesterday at 10pm?
    • Sixteen - Do you prefer light or dark hair on the opposite sex ?
    • Seventeen - Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
    • Eighteen - What is/are your favorite band(s)? .
    • Nineteen - What are you doing right now?
    • Twenty - Who do you trust 100% right now?
    • Twenty one - Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
    • Twenty two - Heavy metal music?
    • Twenty three- Who Was the last person you hugged.
    • Twenty four- Is there anything you’re hiding from someone?
    • Twenty five - Who are you thinking of right now?
    • Twenty six - What should you be doing right now?
    • Twenty seven - What are you listening to?
    • Twenty eight - You need new jeans. Quick where do you go?
    • Twenty nine - Who was the last person who yelled at you?
    • Thirty - Do you act differently around the person you like?
    • Thirty one - What is your eye colour?
    • Thirty two - Who was the last person to make you laugh?
    • Thirty three - Who was the last person to make you angry?
    • Thirty four - Hello Kitty or dora?
    • Thirty five - Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
    • Thirty six - Hug anyone of opposite sex in past 24 hours?
    • Thirty seven - One thing you want right now?
    • Thirty eight - Will you fall in love in the next few months?
    • Thirty nine - What does the 5th text in your inbox say?
    • Forty - Are you worried about the future?
    • Forty one - Are you happy with life right now?
    • Forty two - Are you currently jealous?
    • Forty three – Who's your best guy friend?
    • Forty four -Do you forgive or forget?
    • Forty five - What do you miss the most about elementary school?
    • Forty six - Favorite Disney Channel show ?
    • Forty seven – Who’s 3 of your best girl friends?
    • Forty Eight - What are you looking forward to?
    • Forty nine - Does anyone like you right now?
    • Fifty- Lyrics to the song you’re listening to?
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  3. ugly:

    how are people turned off by tattoos they are so fucking hot

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    and ill give you a blog rate if you’re off anon

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A Tired Tiger ~ By Stephen Moehle
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William Tucker


    William Tucker

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  11. llbwwb:

Hello :) (via 500px / Biased view… by Wewe18)
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  12. simulates:

glow blog


    glow blog

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  14. Do not look at yourself with disgust, you are a gift to this earth. You are beautiful, you are a light, an energy, an essence. You are nature herself.
    Heidi Pickett (via cosmofilius)
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  15. Your first task is to see the sorrow in you and around you; you’re next, to long intensely for liberation. The very intensity of longing will guide you; you need no other guide.
    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (via thecalminside)
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